​By comparison with equivalently-rated furnaces that use alternative technologies, the ISASMELT™ furnace's simple construction and smaller size results in lower capital costs. On an ongoing basis ISASMELT™ also achieves a low total operating cost through a combination of low maintenance costs, high-energy efficiency and minimal personnel requirements. Smelters that use ISASMELT™ are among the lowest cost operations in the world.

Compact in Size – Use Less Real Estate or Retrofit into Existing Plants

Because ISASMELT™ is a vertical furnace, it has a small footprint and can fit into tight spots. Existing plants can continue operation during construction of a new plant, allowing the smelter to generate cash flow during the whole project. For new operations, it means less space is required in the plant for the smelter, translating to lower upfront and ongoing cost and fewer restrictions on plant design and layout