Our complete package of detailed design, equipment supply, training and commissioning, ensures that ISASMELT™ start up is smooth, and that quick ramp-up to design capacity is achieved. The operating expertise provided by the package has enabled clients to achieve design capacity within one month of start-up.

A paper by Terry McNulty1 analysed case histories for 41 various process plants, including six copper and nickel smelters. He divided the projects into four series based on the percentage of design capacity they had achieved six, 12, 24 and 36 months after startup, as shown in the figure below. The most successful plants, those in Series 1, achieved 100% of design capacity within 12 months of startup. Series 4 plants achieved on average less than 40% of design capacity after 36 months. On the McNulty scale the most recently commissioned copper ISASMELT™ plants at Yunnan Copper and Vedanta could be classed as Series 1 plants, making them two of the most successful smelter startups in recent years.

1. T.McNulty, "Developing innovative technology", Mining Engineering Magazine, October 1998.