​The key to ISASMELT™'s success has been its simplicity and its efficiency. Our customers have recognised the advantage of a technology that improves their smelting operations resulting in better environmental management, reduced operating costs, increased production capacity and stronger profits.

ISASMELT™ was developed in smelter environments and our teams have extensive operational know-how, gathered over many years in the field. This is reflected in the development and ongoing evolution of the technology.

The relatively low capital cost of ISASMELT™ is an attractive point for our customers. ISASMELT™'s simple design with a high specific smelting rate; the need for minimal feed preparation and the small physical footprint all contribute to a lower initial financial outlay.
Low operating costs, process flexibility and simplicity are key to the technology and ISASMELT™ has been designed for rapid ramp-up and ongoing ease of operation. The ISASMELT™ process is simple for operators to learn and offers ongoing ease of control and maintenance. It can be easily adapted to variations in feed material or fuel type and has a low fuel requirement. ISASMELT™ also requires minimal water cooling.

Smelting operations in all countries are now pressured to improve environmental performance. ISASMELT™ makes it easy to meet environmental standards as it is energy efficient, creates minimal emissions and can use local and/or recycled fuel types.

Perhaps one of the key reasons for the success of each ISASMELT™ plant in operation though, is our thorough, proven technology transfer process. From the outset we take the time to properly scope the project and minimise interfaces. We conduct a rigorous design review process and offer a detailed training program, including operational workshops and onsite training for client personnel. These personnel are treated like our own operations staff on shift and we find this is an extremely effective way to teach them all aspects of the ISASMELT™ operation. Skilled operations personnel from Glencore operations also assist with commissioning of client plants. We also take on the supply of core equipment to ensure the provision of a complete solution. As a result, our plants ramp up extremely fast compared with most metallurgical processes.

It all comes down to the fact that with ISASMELT™, we offer flexibility, simplicity, an environmentally friendly solution, with low capital and operating cost and a fast ramp-up to get you into production as soon as possible.