ISASMELT Compendium of Papers1/25/202133.9 MB
Glencore to support Nyrstar at Port Pirie - Glencore Technology providing licence and services6/23/20170.0 MB
Celebrating 30 years of Copper Isasmelt6/19/20170.5 MB
Zambias Advanced World Class Smelter - Mining for Zambia article4/27/20171.3 MB
March Newsletter, 20173/21/20171.5 MB
Glencore Technology Newsletter - December 201612/16/20161.6 MB
Glencore Technology Newsletter - November 201611/14/20160.6 MB
Glencore Technology August Newsletter - Rus9/2/20160.3 MB
Glencore Technology August Newsletter8/19/20160.2 MB
Your Partner for Tough Times7/13/20161.2 MB
Glencore Technology Newsletter - December 201512/24/20150.8 MB
Glencore Technology Newsletter - September 201510/2/20150.3 MB
Glencore Technology Overview - Business Review and Mining Global8/27/20152.1 MB
Kansanshi- Technical Commissioning Complete7/6/20150.2 MB
Success at First Quantum's ISASMELT™ Lance Repair Workshop4/14/20150.2 MB
Kazzinc Lead Isasmelt - Blast Furnace process (YouTube)8/8/20140.0 MB
Townsville News Q2, 2014 - International Workshop6/23/20140.7 MB
Kazzinc - модернизация свинцовoгo произвoдства (Lead Plant Modernization)6/20/20142.5 MB
XT Update - Challenging Times or the Age of Innovation5/22/20142.1 MB
Huize Lead IsaSmelt Commisioned3/24/20140.1 MB
Pioneering Technology - Mine to Market10/18/20131.0 MB
Xstrata Technology Update - April, 2013 - Our First Quarter Century4/22/20131.2 MB
In Search of Efficiency (Story from CSIRO Resourceful Magazine)7/20/20120.3 MB
Modernisation of Kazzinc Reduces Hazardous Waste Emmissions by 13 Thousand Tons Per Year (Kazakh, Russian, English)7/19/20120.7 MB
Xstrata Technology Update - April 2012 - Building Plants that Work4/27/20122.9 MB
Xstrata Technology Update - March 2011 - Step Changes or Hard Yards?3/22/20111.0 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 10 - Spanish7/17/20101.0 MB
Mini Copper Isasmelt Workshop for Isasmelt Licensees7/10/20100.5 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 20104/10/20101.0 MB
A Better Flowsheet for Lead Smelting - the ISASMELT-Blast Furnace Process10/6/20090.9 MB
Xstrata ISASMELT Plant for Huize Lead Project - (ENGLISH and CHINESE)10/6/20090.8 MB
Xstrata Technology to Supply Third ISASMELT TSL Plant to Vedanta8/19/20090.0 MB
Xstrata Technology to Supply ISASMELT Plant in China6/24/20090.0 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 2009 - SPANISH4/10/20092.8 MB
Xstrata Technology - 30 Years at Technological Forefront (ENGLISH & CHINESE)4/9/20093.0 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 20093/23/20091.0 MB
The ISASMELT Technology Package: Over 30 Years of Innovation2/5/20092.8 MB
Xstrata Technology Wins Australian Export Award12/15/20080.0 MB
New 1.2MTPa Copper Smelter Hosts 6th ISASMELT TSL Workshop11/25/20080.0 MB
Xstrata Technology Wins Queensland Exporter of the Year10/21/20080.0 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 2008 - SPANISH4/30/20080.7 MB
Xstrata Technology Newsletter - March 20083/14/20081.1 MB
The Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2007 - Winner - Large Advanced Manufacturer Award10/27/20070.4 MB
Growth and Acceptance of the ISASMELT Process5/25/20071.5 MB